Saturday, 10 November 2012

Class Attempt.

Hey Guys!

Hope you're all doing well! It is currently 3:20am and I decided hey what the heck let's blog.

This decision probably isn't the best seeing as I have work at 11am tomorrow but ahhh well!

Tonight was a lovely dinner after a long day. We went to a place where they do "Hot Pot" which....well okay my description of it is a HUGE bowl filled with soup, vegetables and meat of your choice. It's like a fun bowl because if you choose a variety you'll always be surprised with what you find! That's how I look at it at least!

See.what I mean!? A whole bowl of fun!

Anyways onto the outfit! When we were shooting the car park seemed to have a mysterious vibe to it.

Necklace - Diva
Top - Supre
Skirt - Made By Friend
Knee Highs - Bonds
Stingers - Jeffery Campbell

I'll leave you with a song tonight that i'm currently playing and it hit a re-love button in me.

It's worth the listen, trust me.

Take care till next time.

- E. xx


  1. Haha, no rest for the wicked huh :-D Wow, loving tne outfit!

    1. Hahaha pretty much ;D can't knock the hustle! and hey Thanks so much!!! I only just discovered today that i'm able to reply to comments :/ LOL. what. a. noob.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much it means a lot to me!! :D :D

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    1. Oh wow thank you so much! I'm glad you like my style and thanks for checking out my blog!