Monday, 20 August 2012


Once upon a time, there were two little (and we mean little) girls.

They were friends in high school, but became even better friends when school was over.

They loved clothes, and shoes, and everything to do with fashion, and soon found that they both shared a passion for it. They loved to play dress-ups, but in real life, every day.

One of them was a photographer, her name was Elysa. She loved taking photos!
Her camera (his name was Rubin) went with her everywhere, and they'd been on many adventures. Rubin liked to take photos of people at parties, and Elysa was happy to follow him around at all these exciting parties taking photos of the guests there.
She became quite renowned for taking amazing photos this way.

The other one was a dreamer. She was also an Arts Student.
She liked reading and writing. Her hobbies included singing like a Disney Princess.
She liked taking photos too, but her real passion was the clothes.
She also liked dressing up in clothes that make her look prepubescent. And cats too.

Both of them were shopaholics.

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